Bullsland was historically an epicenter of trade and power. People from far and wide would come here seeking a life filled with incredible opportunity and fortune. The initial habitants of Bullsland were the bulls, a peaceful tribe that made sure the traders and newcomers were welcomed with open arms and a new world unification was maintained. No one would ever dare insult or go up against the bulls, mostly because the Bulls never gave anyone reason to doubt them to be felt unheard, except for one faction, the Bears. The bears belonged to the north. A harsh and desolate land where nothing was for miles and life was always a savage struggle between the strong and the weak. When the bears made the impossible journey out of their land, they were unified under a brute by the name of Malgus the Vile. He brought his people to this new promised land called Bullsland and a new ambition started to take place in his heart, to rule Bullsland for himself.

    It began, the battle that scared the entire city with crimson blood and ashes. The Bears took their prize and the bulls had no chance. Times went by and people soon forgot who the rightful owners of Bullsland were and everyone accepted the violent and unjust rule of the bears. Everyone forgot, except one young bull. Beaten in an alley, he takes up a wooden plank and hits back. Blood in his mouth, he spits at the bear and reminds the young cub who this land belongs to. Boss never forgot, his family never let him forget who ruled Bullsland, it was his right to rule these lands and it was his duty to ring back the empire that once gave Bullsland its name and to push back the tyrant that oppresses the city and its people.

    Boss was well known amongst his people, a Bull that still remembers the old ways and cares for the neighborhood. His power grew, loyal friends became generals and a small faction grew into a powerful hidden organization that slowly started to make its mark on the land and grew its infamy.

    Boss knew that now he needed generals, people to organize this expansion and then plan his vengeance on the Bears.

    There were already talks of a few bulls that got the Bears by the neck, these rough individuals all shared similar ideals and the only thing left was to bring them under one roof.

  • Raging Bison

    The forests near the city were a place where the Bears set up their military silos and other narcotics operations. These were the revenues that the Bears had that brought them every mercenary and every corrupt organization. The only problem that they ever faced was from one native of that forest, The Raging Bison. Men remember a shadowy streak in the night, lighting their crops and supplies on fire and fading away at a moment’s notice. They tried tracking him down until they reached the forbidden part of the forest, this was his lair. Every inch of the forest here was filled with traps and mines. Wherever they would step, either they got crushed by a boulder or impaled by spike traps. The Bears feared the forest because they never knew that all that danger was from just one Bull, the last of his tribe. Boss found Raging Bison through the rumors, unarmed and brave enough, he stepped forward through the land when an arrow landed on his feet. He would then notice a trap just below him, as though the arrow guided him where to step. Finally, they both met, and looking at the ambition in the eyes of The Boss, Raging Bison swore allegiance.

  • Bill Buzzard

    Many of the people of Bullsland know of the infamous first Bull on the moon. Bill Buzzard was a sensation, he traveled through galaxies and on voyages but when he returned, he found that things were not the way that he left them. The land was changed, Bears rule it now and Bill was cast out of the space program and forced to leave. Outraged but helpless, he would spend most of his time working on his own fusion rocket. This ship was powerful enough to evaporate fleets but its main purpose was the last voyage to the stars where he would end his life. Boss found a heartbroken young bull working in his garage. The idea of overpowering the bears seemed appealing but near impossible to pull off so Bill shrugged it off at first but then he realized that the only way he could ever regain his fame and name would be to rid the world of the Bears.

  • MooonShine

    Some people are just picky when it comes to their land and little MooonShine was one of them. All those that trespass, he raises hell for them. As a young calf, he was raised to respect the land because the land provided and the swamp was the richest of them all. Because he was good at it, all of it, the people of Bullsland kept him doing his thing from a distance. His yields were top notch and he watched the crops grow but things were changing, the land was now forcefully taken back and turned into casinos and amusement parks for the Bears and Hunting grounds. This enraged Moonshine so he sought out to burn down all that stood in his way, his crops and green vines, stretched onto the construction sites, and rendered them worthless. Whenever the Bears would chop it down, more grew in its place so they decided to burn the whole swamp on fire and flush the Bull out. Cornered and helpless, he was on his way in a van when rescued by Raging Bison. Boss told Mooonshine of the plan but before he could finish, Mooonshine shouted in joy and said he was in.

  • Agua, Bull of the Sea

    A demi-god of the sea, Agua was cherished and worshipped by the people of Bullsland for he brought tides and helped fishermen caught at sea. The people respected the sea because of Agua but when the Bears took over, oil spills and radioactive wastes started to take damage on the sea and Agua noticed. Upon discovery it seemed that the people were sure to face his wrath. Huge tides and floods started to appear, the sea raged fury and everyone was caught in the effects of it. Boss made it near a coastal area where once Agua was worshipped and used an ancient method, long lost of worship, to summon him. Agua answered and remembered the ways of old and how the people were. Boss told Agua that they needed the sea to save the land, Bears were in charge and they do not respect the old ways and that of the Sea, Agua took the plea and aimed to help in whatever way he could. A god of the sea was at their side, nothing else could ever stop the fate of The Bears now.

  • Apis (The Vigilante)

    The Apis foundation was a well known company dedicated to the progress of Bullsland, it had tremendous revenue and it was all given to the people by helping young inventors and investing in new technology, Max Apis was the wealthiest and most admired man in all of Bullsland until things changed. The first person to stand up against the Bears was Apis and his inventions acted as sentries, keeping the bears out. His automatrons started to defend the people and keep the city safe from the Bears but it was a futile effort. Ultimately Apis was caught and all that he was reduced to nothing. The Bears seized the company and started to torture Apis to know about where he kept the plans for his greatest invention. But Apis did not budge, he did give up anything therefore, they sent him to the mental institution of Bullsland so that insanity would take hold of him, making him nothing but a shadow of his former self. When the Institution was hit by the Boss’s men, Apis was set free and brought to the Boss. The Boss praised him because he was among the few that resisted the Bears and now he had a second chance to strike at them again. The feared Vigilante will now be more than his former self, no longer a shadow but far greater.

  • Dr. Fredrik LongHorn

    An esteemed name in the world of medicine and the pioneer of the Bullsland Institute of Health, Dr. Fredrik was well known and well respected. He cared for the people of Bullsland and provided his aid the best he could. His discoveries and treatments to severe illnesses granted them much respect in the scientific community. The change of power in Bullsland did not affect him at first, he was a medical professional and he vowed to cure all either they be bulls or not. But things started to spiral down when his grants and requests were rejected. He was then forced to inject any Bull that came to him with poison and certify them as deceased. When He refused, he was locked up in a mental institution under the supervision of his own assistant who he thought of as a friend and a morally good doctor. But Alas, Dr.Fredrik found freedom when a break in at the asylum set all the inmates free in the city, among those that were brought to Boss were Dr.Fredrik, Sergeant BullRod, The Insane Elder and Apis. Dr.Fredrik did not agree to any violence and said that he will not look away when there would be wounded as his practice demands it and so Boss agreed but there was going to be blood, what matters, is how much.